Ever said “I knew that would happen”? check out my theory why…

Ever said “I knew that would happen?” check out my theory why…

My theory on why we say, “I knew that would happen” is because that is what we expect to happen. I have heard people say “I get one step forward and something always brings me two steps backwards” if you have said that you will be amazed at why I think you say that phrase, too.

First, the me explain my theory on the expectation level of most people. We tend to expect what we seen happen in the past, therefore; our thought pattern has us looking for the same thing to happen again. When the bible says, “seek and ye shall find” that is not just us looking for material things. I believe that when we seek the same things we got in the past we will keep finding what we got in the past. That’s why we are able to say “I knew that would happen” because we get what we expect to get.

My theory why we say “I knew that would happen”

My theory is we are an addicted society. We are addicted to failure, to success, to drugs, to being right, to control, and most importantly to staying stuck. When our lives are going along fine as we think it should go we like it and we want it to stay that way.

The real “I knew that would happen” mindset comes from our addictive behavior. When we are use to failing, or not succeeding we become accustom to that way of life. When we are able to predict the same failures or lack of success will happen, this makes us happy because you are now psychic so we can say, “I knew that would happen”.

The greatest thing about this theory is the say addictive behavior failures have successful people do also, only they are addicted to success. The way they think is the same with a different outcome in mind. Successful people are constantly concentrating on success so they only expect success, therefore; when they say, “I knew that would happen” it’s a good outcome.

The same for drug addicts, those who have a need to be right, and those who are comfortable with staying stuck. Because they have created a story in their head around their addiction. How will they change it now, they have become so flippin comfortable with it.

The great news is You can change it. You can go from always looking for or expecting the two steps back to looking for the ten steps forward and no steps back. It’s all in how you look at it. I just recently heard a quote and I don’t know who it’s from but it tells the truth.

                     “Discomfort always precedes growth”

The way to change it is to consciously begin to understand that we all change, everything around us changes, and everything inside us changes. Nothing is ever still. I once heard a Dr. Deepok Chopra say according to quantum physics our cell change every 90 days. Do you know what that means? Just as our deep wounds heal in about 90 days, I believe our thinking can change in about the same time.

At this point in your life, if you are thinking, as least a little bit, about how you would like to improve your life make a vigilant effort to do the following:

  • Pay close attention to when you are thinking “I knew that would happen”

  • Pay close attention to how you feel in your body when you are thinking “I knew that would happen”

  • Pay close attention to what you are addicted to the joy of being right or the sympathy you get when it doesn’t work out

  • Write down the results you get for 90 days (start with 30 days at a time)

  • Awareness is the most important key to growth, as in any addiction rehabilitation program.

With that said, we can more forward to be, do and have anything we want in life. Once you are aware of your behaviors you will begin to make subtle changes to develop and create your thought patterns to only look for what your definition of success is. When we expect the best outcome on every situation and don’t get it we know that it better than what we originally asked for. When you are expecting and thinking of how your life will look 90 days from now always be grateful for what you get.

Hindsight is 20/20, so we know that whatever we go through is for our best and for the best of those around us. We usually don’t see it when we are in it, but we always come to understand what we went through as for our own best interest. When we have that hardwired in our brain, our lives will take on a whole new meaning.

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This is my theory of why we say “I knew that would happen”.

Leave a comment and let me knew what you think.

To Your Success,




Tired of “not getting ahead” in your business?

I started out in this business thinking it will be something I
could do part-time to make a little extra money on the side. I have been
through many of jobs where they tell me that I have to a 15 minute break and
one hour lunch and I was worth $36.90 an hour. What do they know? I know I am
worth much more than that.
So, I decided to do internet marketing because how tough could it
really be? I thought. I’ll just set at home on the computer, where I am
anyway… and make money doing it.
While attempting to break into the internet marketing world isn’t
as easy as I thought, it not very hard either… It just takes some diligence a
“I’m not quitting until I make it happen attitude”!
You only need to have this feeling one time to know you have dealt
with enough of sites saying you need to buy this one thing or that other thing
to know you are tired of “not
getting ahead” in your business. What does it truly take to get ahead
in this internet marketing business? what type of Attitude and inspiration you
need to move your business forward.
Some site will speak a great game of helping you get ahead and
then others will say you need to purchase their product to help them move
The “not knowing” is extremely difficult to get past
when you are new and can’t tell if the people of the websites mean you harm or
good. You really feel kinda lost and think to yourself on numerous occasions
that you are just not
getting ahead.
There is a place I have found that offers the most training to
help your online business get ahead whether you are new at it or have been
around a while and still not
getting ahead.
When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of not getting
ahead you will then take positive action like checking out more sites to get
more information about getting ahead in your business. The one place I have learned
the most about how to break into this fabulous world of internet marketing is
The Empower Network.

Amazingly enough they have actually given us access to their
system they have it all designed for you.
They have developed a network that is geared to help people to make 100%
commissions and get paid everyday of the week.
Who does that?
These guys are pretty rare, they are marketing just like us and getting
paid just like us. Wow, what a
concept? The more I think about it the more
amazed I am by them just thinking this concept would really work.
The Empower Network went live on 31 October 2011, and now they
have paid out over $2 million in 100% commissions. If you haven’t thought about getting in on
the ground floor of something before, now is the time.
It’s only, $25 for your own blogging platform (already setup for
you) all you have to do is start blogging…
Motto here is Blog daily, Tell others, & get Money!!! {What could be better than that?}
This is how you change your “not getting ahead” mindset, Today!
To your success,

Help for the frustrated new online business people

Here is help for the frustrated new online business people
I am a newbie also; however, I have access to my marketing partners Sophia and Aaron, who have been working their online business model for a little over three years and they have made over 1.2 million dollars online. I know I can learn a thing or two, three, four from them. They have introduced me to some of the greatest minds in online business.
So with that said, they don’t work with everyone; however, I can help give you some of the training I receive from them, to help build your business.
I understand the frustration new online business people can go throw because I was that person not too long ago. Until I was able to get help from the right people, people who are producing results in their life and online.
As you may know, a ton of people are on the internet offering you a deal… but when you get hooked into their deals it turns out to be not such a good deal for you, only them.
I have need the one who was up until all hours of the night trying to get a free thing on my website to look like a not so free website… if you know what I mean. I have had my attempts at writing copy (not so good), writing code, thinking I had it right only to look at the site and there is a big blotch where I thought I placed the thing. How frustrating. I had one widget look like somebody was rolling dice and it was the entire section of my website, dude it all looked cock-eyed!
What frustrates new online business people most
I think the most frustrating times I experienced attempting to make money online was when I bought a certain product that was supposed help me do something or another. As I began learning about it and I didn’t hardly have enough time to finish reading the training on how to implement this new thing and they were sending me an email to get better results than that… (this happened a couple of times).
At that point, I decided if I will ever (and I made up my mind that I would) become a success with my online business, I needed to be proficient at, at least, one thing. The jumping from this thing to that thing was just too overwhelming for me.
If you need help from being frustrated with your new online business, listen up!
The following plans are what my marketing partners have given that I will give you during the upcoming posts were mapped out, used, and provided proven results for many people. When you just follow a fraction of these guidelines, you are guarantee to become a results producer.
When you use these steps and people ask you what do you do , you will answer “I am a results producer” will be your answer!
Are you ready to begin this process with me?
Ok, as I receive information will attempt to pass it on… however, if you’re like me you may be a little impatient and want access to all the information at one time so, you can use it when it’s convenient for you.
If so, you can check out this site to get more access for yourself.
Now the first thing they told me to reduce the frustration of being a new online business person is, you need to have to get your head right. What I mean by that is your mind, your way of thinking!
Reasons why frustrated new online business people fail
The major reason most new online businesses fail is their thinking is not in the right place. The term leaders are reader is not just a cliché. It is the absolute truth.
By consciously paying attention to what information is being fed to your mind on a daily basis. This is the first key to sustaining a top online business their way of thinking determines how successfully their online business became and continues to be. You have that same ability; however, this must be a constant daily action for you as a frustrated new online business person.
It’s not something you set once and forget it. Your mind needs to be fed daily just like your body. Do you eat once for the whole week? No, because you need your daily diet to sustain you for the day, let alone the week.
Just like food — “food for thought”— is not just a saying. It’s what your mind needs to help to get you through the frustrations of being a new online business person.
Take this nibble of information and read this book about how to help set your mind in the right place for achieving anything fast. Hopefully, this will help you to relieve some of your frustrations in being a new online business person. I will have more updates for you on how to decrease the frustration of being a new online business person.

To your success,