About Eyvette

Everyone is capable of producing a Positive Mindset for living the Life of his or her Dreams through mentoring.  I believe mentorship vaults you into living life full Out.  I love living the life of my dreams and look forward to helping others to live the life their desire.   The J-O-B way of life has always given me an uncomfortable feeling.

I did not know what an entrepreneur was when I was younger; however, I knew that working on someone else’s dream didn’t quite feel right to me.  You may have similar feelings or you may already be an entrepreneur who is looking for a little extra lift in your business.  If you are ready, mentoring will make positive shift in your busness.  I will help you to gain the positive mindset you need to accomplish your dreams and leave those everyday hurdles in your rearview mirror.

You have arrived here on purpose, to learn how to increase your positive mindset from someone who is extremely interested in smoothing the path for others to achieve his or her greatest hopes.  Your positive mindset is what will help you soar to the top.  Your dreams and goals are achievable!  Your ability to create the right amount of stick-to-it-tive-ness is doable!  Are you open to receive your dreams?  You may say yes, at first, but really delve into that question to ensure you are ready to receive your dreams.  If so, come along with me.

I am grateful to have learned the Mighty power of being the owner of a successful online business.  Operating my online business from home is a pleasure and I would like to help others to experience this too.  Allow me to guide you on the path of least resistance!  Entrepreneurship is a earned position and well worth it!  Entrepreneurship through Mentorship breds enormous results.  Are you ready?  Come on,  join in!


Let’s connect.

Looking Forward,



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