Great pointers about how to stay positive in the face of stressful times.

into mind

tumblr_lwwxynOaeq1qglr3ro1_500Most of psychological research is concerned with either the basic stuff (mental processes that all humans share) or the bad stuff (mental abnormalities and illnesses). Positive psychology, a relatively new branch, instead wants to find out what makes a normal life more fulfilling and why some people are happier than others. Happiness has become such a popular topic in magazines and self-help literature, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. This overload of information has made it pretty difficult to distinguish actual scientific evidence from lay psychology. This post is part of a little series about some of the theories and applications of positive psychology that have been backed up and replicated many times by solid research.

A big aim of positive psychology is to find out how happy people cope with negative events in their lives. Bad stuff happens to us all and everyone gets stressed out and overwhelmed…

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